How to repair old Roofs

How to repair old Roofs

When you do your annual house inspection and you notice that your roof is defective you need to address it right away because ignoring a roofing problem can have disastrous effects on your home. Even if it’s just a couple of missing slates or a few damaged tiles the consequences will cost you a lot of money in the long run. Lost tiles will allow water to seep in causing damage to your ceiling and many more. A simple roofing problem when left untreated can result in extensive damage that will require costly repairs.

What Are The Signs of Roof Damage?

First of all, you need to be familiar with the signs of roofing damage so you’ll know what needs to be repaired, because maybe your roof may require only roof cleaning. Believe it or not but early detection of roof problems will help preserve your entire home and it will spare you from major headaches along the way. When you do a roofing inspection, check your roof for the following: damaged metal flashings, broken and slipped tiles, traces of mortar, slate and pieces of tiles on the ground or in your roof’s gutters, rotten roof timbers, water stains in your attic or holes on your roof where light can pass through, damp patches and splits in flat-roofing materials.

How to repair old Roofs

How Do You Check Your Roof For Problems?

Ideally, you should do a yearly checkup of your entire house, especially your roof twice a year. If you have binoculars at home the better. Examine all the tiles of your roof and check for missing, broken and slipped tiles. Also, it helps to take a closer look at junctions or where your roof changes to a new direction. Check for missing hip tiles and cracked mortar and also check for corroded metal flashings. When these are defective it will let water seep in your home.

How Do You Repair Roofing Problems?

Ideally, we’d recommend you hire professional roofing contractors to fix roof problems because besides their experience and skills they also have the necessary tools and equipment to do repairs. Although you can always learn how to replace slates and tiles by looking at YouTube videos, if you can’t trace the cause of the problem sooner or later you’ll encounter the same issue again and again. As much as possible, we discourage you from employing quick-fix solutions like coatings and spray-on foams, as these will only worsen the decay.

Compromised Roof Timbers – what causes roof timbers to rot? It could be because of beetle infestation or undersized rafter or it was poorly installed. When your roof timbers are damaged you should call a structural engineer or a surveyor right away. If the damage is only minimal you can call a carpenter to repair it. Fix the cause of the problem instead of concentrating on the symptoms.

Fixing Flat Roofs – flat roofs that are covered with zinc, copper or asphalt should be monitored regularly. You should check for cracks and holes or areas where water has pooled. Fix problems right away using tape or mastic. Patch holes with matching materials. When sheets are loose make sure you fix them right away.

So there you have it, easy and quick fixes for roof damage. However, it is important to mention that if you have zero experience in fixing roofs you should leave this job to the experts.