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The Library

Here you will find a selection of articles about Waterhouse, ranging from biographical information to information about his models. The articles have been organized within the following categories:

Biographical Information

Biography: A biography of John William Waterhouse (1849-1917).
Photographs: A selection of photos and illustrations of Waterhouse and his family.
Edwardian Art and it’s Chief Representatives: A painting of Waterhouse and other members of the Royal Academy.

The Blue Plaque: Some information about the unveiling of the English Heritage Blue Plaque at Waterhouse’s home in St. John’s Wood, London.  The Final Resting Place: Waterhouse’s grave at Kensal Green Cemetery.  Timeline: A timeline of Waterhouse’s art exhibits, and of key events in his life.

The Library


  • The Daily Telegraph
  • The London Times
  • The West London Gazette

Waterhouse’s Work

Contemporary Commentary: Browse a selection of references to John William Waterhouse, first published in art journals, newspapers and books during Waterhouse’s lifetime (1849-1917).
Lost (and Found): A list of Waterhouse’s paintings which are unlocated.  Variations on a Theme: Waterhouse produced many sketches for his paintings, and painted several works based on a common theme.

On View: Where to view Waterhouse’s work today. Danaë in colour: A look at Danaë, exhibited in 1892, stolen in 1947 and known to us only in black and white.  

*J.W. Waterhouse’s Rape of Persephone: The full text of a presentation given by Peter Trippi, biographer of John William Waterhouse and director of the Dahesh Museum of Art, at the 2005 Annual Meeting of the College Art Association in Atlanta, Georgia (February 16-19 2005).

*Waterhouse Symposium: A review by Scott Thomas Buckle of the 2002 Waterhouse Symposium at Tate Britain.
*Sketches from a private collection

Waterhouse’s Models

A Waterhouse Letter: A rare example of a letter written by Waterhouse.
*A Waterhouse Sketch Discovered: Scott Thomas Buckle writes about a recently discovered sketch that introduces the name of a well-known Victorian male model to Waterhouse’s oeuvre.
*The Waterhouse Ideal: A new essay by Cathy Baker about Waterhouse’s models.

Collecting Waterhouse

Collecting Waterhouse: A look at prices fetched by Waterhouse’s works at auction, and the Antiques Roadshow finds.
In the News: Highlighting news articles that have mentioned John William Waterhouse recently.

Exhibitions of Waterhouse’s pictures

Exhibition Archive: A list of exhibitions featuring the work of Waterhouse which have taken place from 1889 to the present day.  The Retrospective Exhibition of 1978: A look at the retrospective Waterhouse exhibition which took place in 1978 at the Mappin Art Gallery in Sheffield.

Selected Poetry new!

Browse Selected Poetry

John William Waterhouse drew upon various sources as inspirations for his paintings, numbered among which were poems by British poets of the early-mid 19th century, for example, Alfred Lord Tennyson and John Keats.